Greedy Pirates

April 19th, 2012

Greedy Pirates is a pretty sweet physics game, with pirates! Who thought you could actually combine those two things? :shock:

In this game you have to protect your treasure from thieves by getting the treasure chest lid to close. The catch is you have to throw a ball around other objects to get the lid to close. You may even have to use the paul to trigger some objects to move out of the way!

Greedy Pirates is definitely  an addicting flash game that will keep you playing for quite a while!

Papa’s Pancakeria

March 13th, 2012

Papa’s Pancakeria is probably the best time management/restaurant style game I’ve played in awhile! Building pancakes is certainly a new concept in the flash video game world. I’d say this is a game that is easy to do, but hard to master. Given all that, I’d highly recommend giving Papa’s Pancakeria a try today! So much for this post, I think I’ll go cook me up some pancakes…

Play Papa's Pancakeria!

Mario Castle

March 11th, 2012

Just uploaded a new game by Duck Games called Mario Castle. It seems like its going to be pretty cool at first because its got the classic Mario  look and sound. But after you realize there are no power ups its kind of lame. :|

While it was fun to play this game for a few minutes, I started feeling disappointed after a bit. I was especially annoyed when I died and had to start over at the beginning.

What do you all think?

Which ghost game should I play?

October 5th, 2011

Halloween is coming up and that has gotten me in the mood to play a ghost game or two. I am reminiscing of a game called the 7th Guest that I played as a kid and hoping to find a free ghost game that is similar to that online. Is that possible? Below are my reviews of a few different ghost games and we will see what I can scare up…

Abandoned Asylum: This is the first ghost game I tried out. This is an escape game with really cool pictures from an abandoned asylum. Melting Mindz makes this game and it is really hard. They have a whole lot of creepy escape games and this is one of the better ones, I think. You start off in this abandoned asylum and you have to figure out how to escape. I could not figure it out, even with the help of  walkthroughs. Even though it is creepy and hard, I found it kind of boring. No real mystery, just searching around finding clues.

Hidden Ghosts: Next game I tried. This game is a hidden object game with a twist. The ghosts move around, so you have to spot them and click on them before they disappear.  At first, I thought it was going to be really cool, but it was a slight disappointment.  Its not very challenging for an adult. Great ghost game for a kid though. Plus, there is a second one called Hidden Ghosts II

Can you find the hidden ghosts?

Ghost Shooter: Now here is a simple and fun game. You shoot ghosts and they fly through the air. Simple as that!


Well, out of three games, I found three completely different kinds of ghost games. None of them compare to the 7th Guest, but then, how could they? Hopefully one of these games will appeal to you and if you know of any more free ghost games, please post here! I would love to try them.


Take It Down

January 7th, 2011

Maybe it is just the engineer in me, but I love the challenge of Take It Down! Destroy an existing structure without damaging buildings next to it, and also don’t hurt the crazy dude that thinks he needs to stand on your building.

If you’re anything like me it will take a few tries to properly take the buildings down as the levels get harder. But that is really half the fun. Figuring out the order that you must remove individual to take it down without taking everything else down.

Play Take It Down now!

Play Take It Down

Take It Down

Gold Thief

December 30th, 2010

The featured game this week is a wicked fun escape like gamed called Gold Thief. The idea behind Gold Thief is you are the Super Secret Spy Guy who has tracked down a thief that stole gold from a museum.

Your mission, if you should choose to accept it, is to break into the thief’s house, find the gold, and take it back as soon as possible! This is not an easy task, as the thief has hidden the gold and the only way to find it is by super sleuthing and solving puzzles.

While this is not exactly an escape game, it has all the classic hallmarks of a great escape game. So, play Gold Thief now!

Gold Thief

Play Gold Thief Now!

The Top 10 Flash Games of 2010

December 28th, 2010

Instead of counting the seconds from ten to, “zero, Happy New Year!” to ring in the new year, why not ring in the new year by playing the 10 coolest flash games of 2010. Ready for the countdown? Here we go:

10 – Zombies4Hire: Supermarket Bowling – Management at the supermarket is replacing the staff (you) with zombies to reduce costs. Don’t sit on your duff and let the zombies win! Kill them bowling style to save your job!

Zombies for Hire: Super Market Bowling

9 – Stack Dream City – This game captures the essence of building with blocks. As you progress through the game, you have to stack the blocks to create more challenging buildings.


Stack Dream City

8 – Icycle – Whoever said that in the future you will be thawed from your cryogenic freezer and then forced to ride naked on a bicycle to survive was right! Oh wait… No one said that, but that is what this game is all about… Can you survive?



7 – Protector III – Tower defense style games have recently become a huge hit! Protector III is an awesome tower defense game. Place your defense characters to thwart off the evil forces!

protector III

Protector III

6 – Bombs Vacation – Blowing up the target with a bomb is what this game is all about. That, coupled with the catchy music, cartoon-like graphics, and challenges make this game very infectious.

Bomb's Vacation

5 – Open Doors – This is probably the coolest maze/puzzle game ever made. It is an incredibly simple idea, but executed in such a way that it will get you entertained, engaged and frustrated for hours!


Open Doors

4 – Kaleidoscope Reef - You must help rebuild the coral reef after it is destroyed by polluters. Protect it from other fish and toxins while you feed and nurture the coral. Can you help save the coral reef?

Kaleidoscope Reef

Kaleidoscope Reef

3 – Glassez - This game seems simple, but its difficulty comes into effect if you stop paying attention. You loose points by throwing away pieces, so be careful what you pick up!



2 – Cricklers - This is not your typically formatted crossword puzzle. The puzzles are centered on current events, but after you solve the news puzzle it gives you other daily puzzles to stay entertained!


Cricklers Crossword Puzzle

1 – Airport Madness 3 – This game is aptly named. It starts off slow, but turns into a maddening pace as more and more airplanes want to land, taxi and take off. You must go fast to get a high salary, but do not go too fast…


Airport Madness 3

0 – Happy New Year!

Bridge Thing Instructions

November 17th, 2010

Below are some tips and instructions that will help you play Bridge Thing and Bridge Thing 2.  Please comment on this blog entry if you have any more tips or tricks that will help.  Thanks

*Build the bridge and press T to test it. Press escape to go back to building it.

*The bits the creature can walk along are build along the green line.

*Click on pieces to delete them (as long as you aren’t able to place a piece there). Click on anchor points and press delete to delete those.

*Your bridge needs to be made out of triangles to be effective. Otherwise it will just break.

*Use the orange fixed anchor points to support your bridge.

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Cargo Bridge Instructions

November 17th, 2010

Below are some detailed instructions for Cargo Bridge:

Build a bridge using your mouse and available budget. When it is done click “Test your bridge”.

Your workers will use the bridge to get items located at the other side of the valley.  Then they will bring them back to the shop. Your goal is to collect all items in the level.

For each level you have a limited budget. All money that you don’t use turn into your score, so cheaper bridge = higher score. Money collected in all levels of game will be your total score and will be sent to leader board.

You will use money in challenge mode too.

Building tips:

* There are two types of bridge elements:

walk – workers can step on them

connectors – used only to connect elemets of the bridge.   Workers do not         collide with them.

* “Connector” elements are cheaper and lighter so use them as much as you can.

* Each  item type has a different weight and some of them will need stronger bridges then others.

* At the begining of the game only wood elements of the bridge are available. In further levels, additional materials will be accessible.  Use them wisely.

If you have any other helpful hints, please comment on this blog entry so that others may use them. Thanks!

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Farm Mania

November 11th, 2010

Farm mania is a fun time management game where you manage a farm. You are responsible for buying the proper tools to get the job done and then doing that job! One thing that is nice about this game is that you don’t have to do a lot of planning. Your farm is laid out nicely and you simply manage it. The game over all is really fun and it is really fun to have your farm with all of its animals! Even though the flash version is not the full version, it is still fun and will keep you occupied for about an hour! Play Farm Mania now!