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The web's hottest and best selection of Avoidance Games are here! Choose from all different types of free online avoidance games. Avoid objects, but don't avoid these free avoidance games.
A fun addicting game where you have to complete 15 intense levels. Avoid squares and obstacles.
Your objective is simple: Try not to get squashed by the objects drawn on the blackboard.
Pick your skate boarder and grind the streets.
Use the arrow keys to move to go toward the flag. Avoid hidden mines! It is basically a real life version of minesweeper.
Grab all the blue capsules and avoid the red ones.
Use awesome powers to escape from the cave.
Drive Police Car as fast and crazy as possible!
Your objective is to travel through the "Machine" and avoid hitting machinery parts.
After the hard working day, Michael has gone to his country villa. Nothing promised trouble on the road until...
Don't lose your head.
Dodge Balloon 3 is the ultimate dodging game! Dodge red stars and collect blue stars for timeups.
Try and avoid obstacles such as elevators, spinning balls and spikes.
Help Mr. Jitters reach the top of the building. Avoid the elevators, they will knock you out!
Help Mr. Jitters through 5 buildings of elevator avoiding fun!
Escape from the underwater cave with full of scary fish like monsters.
Keep your fish from hitting the mines.
A fun shooter game that starts slowly, but quickly gets harder.
Deliver packages throughout the city and try not to get squashed.
Race on Highway. Finish all 10 levels to win.
Drive through the desert collecting jewels in this action driving game.
Are you ready for a high score driven, action packed arcade game? This is it...
Lisa is an experienced rider and Bandit is a fantastic jumper. Can you guide them safely through all the outdoor obstacles?
Someone forgot his coffee this morning...
A fun little maze game, needs lots 'O concentration!
Pac is back for revenge. Now he has the ability to eat the equal or smaller size gohsts. However, the more he eats, the mor
Just like the classic paper boy. Only with a pizza style twist!
Help Pygmy avoid all obstacles and complete all levels.
Launch model rockets, buy upgrades, buy better rockets, and launch them into space.
Pass the car through the track while avoiding the obstacles in all the different themes.
Don't let the lava hit your dinosaur.
Jump, duck and punch your way down the sewer pipe.
Grab the cash and do tricks.
Choose your character and dash down the slope as fast as you can!
A sweet snowboarding game where you have to slalom race and collect the objects as you snowboard
Take control of a bouncing snowball as you attempt to grow by collecting snowflakes.
Roll down the hill and dodge all objects bigger than you while your snowball grows.
See how fast you can get down the hill in this sweet snowboarding game
Use the mouse to steer the dood through the course getting as many points as possible!
Ever seen a snowboarding Gecko?
A tiny soul has lost its way. Try to find your way out of the maze, steering clear of those who try to keep you trapped.
Guide the ship out of the maze without hitting any obstacles.
Gather small stars that match the color of your star. The color of your star will cycle through the spectrum so be careful
Dodge the hearts falling from the sky. Survive as long as you can!
Millions of bombers appear in the sky and there's no shelter in sight.
Escape the lava with you super ninja skills!
Collect plasma and stay away from the planets in this sweet UFO game.
The second version... Collect twice as much plasma!
A quick, short game where a player must navigate through a maze of moving objects.
You must rescue humans from bad planets, but they don't think you are rescuing them!
Using your mouse, click to fly the chopper, avoid all the rocks as long as possible.
Get your bacteria away from the bacteriophages or your bacteria will get infected!
Another accident in the quest to get the Road Runner! Help Wile E. avoid more injuries as he falls from the sky!