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Multiplayer games are great because it makes your video gaming experience more interactive! Some of these free multiplayer games require that you have a friend at your computer to play you, but others actually connect to a server and you play other people online whether they are your friends or not! So quit looking for something social to do and geek out with multiplayer games online!
Fire arrows at the targets and try to score the most points!
Gain control of the board by attacking your opponent's blobs and converting them to your own.
The original Bomb It game.
Can you bomb the other players before they bomb you?
Chill out at the virtual bowling alley.
Boxing Clever is a fight game that requires strategy. Select your moves and attack and defend to knockout your opponent.
Your goal is to crush your enemy's castle before they crush yours! You can even battle against others online!
Remember playing this game as a kid? Spend a few minutes reliving your childhood by playing connect four.
Assemble your undead minions during the day and send them into combat under the cover of darkness.
Use your hands and weapons to push your opponents off the cliff.
Enjoy a game of Checkers in a cute fantasy world against the computer or another human player.
Disc Golf is a sport that's like regular golf, only you play with a disc instead of golf balls.
A 2 player game, choose one of 3 players to fight with and battle it out in the arena
Small Guys, Big Fun! Challenge your friends in this wildly entertaining multiplayer card game.
Build any tower from any Group. But after you build the first one that group will become primary.
Fast and simple ice hockey game. Play it alone or against a friend.
A fun boxing game! Play against the computer or a friend.
You control little blobs in this volleyball flash game. Play against the computer or against a friend on the same computer!
Challenge different rivals in computer mode or your friends in multi player mode at volleybomb.
Sweetest Online Mini Golf there is! Whether alone or versus up to Four Friends, Mini Putt 3 will quickly become your favorite online Mini Putt Game!
Summon your monsters to beat out your opponent.
Up to 5 players compete against each other for the most hits and catches.
Checkers for two people.
Have YOU got the best pokerface? Play free multiplayer Texas Hold'em Poker against your friends.
Try and find your way out of this maze.
These pills cause your dreams to become horrible nightmares in which you have to fight to survive against a horde of evil spirits from beyond. Beware, this game is not for the faint of heart!
Create your own levels and race online with friends.
Up for some mini golf? Putt it in, then!
Test your puzzle solving skills in this game of many puzzles.
The battle of the brains is on again! Can your brain cope?
Abstract positional strategy game using four 10-sided dice and 76 grid positions.
Play this exciting multiplayer bejeweled-type game with others online.
Cool online driving game.
pace Invaders Duel add a twist to the old arcade game classic. You can now play on the side of the aliens and try to destroy the human defence to conquer the earth.
Yuck! A spitwad fight.
Street Fighter is a great online version of the old classic game. Have a great time boxing your opponents.
Play Sudoku against other online players.
Ever seen an octopus play volleyball? Now you have... And you can even play with a friend!
Play the most know variant of poker game: Texas Hold'em! Challenge other human opponents with multiplayer feature.
A unique approach to the classic game of chess.
Try to beat your opponent on this twisted tennis court.
This is a 2-player Olympic archery game.
It's family gathering time and everyones favorite Uncle has arrived! Help Uncle Jessup get the high bowling score.
Volleyball with a twist.
Play 7 Point Pitch with a friend.
Come play this great flash basketball game by yourself or with a friend. See you on the court!