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Hang ten, dude! Will you beat the wave or wipe out in these surfing games? Our online surfing game collection lets you just hit the waves or hit the waves as a zombie! No matter what you choose just have fun playing these online surfing games.
Grab the Scooby Snacks by jumping at the top of the wave!
Help Surf Dude clean up the beach. Surf through the kelp beds and pick up any trash that you see.
Surf massive waves, rip off cool moves, tube ride, and dodge kooks in this surfing game. See if you can be a Surf Stud.
Surf to your hearts content.
Hone up your surfing technique in our warm virtual waters and stand a chance to win the chilled out jackpot!
The classic California Games surfing game redone with Zombies. Who doesnt like Zombies?