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Bookmark and ShareLove to build bridges? Then you have come to the right place because we have plenty of bridge building games. These great physics based games allow you to design and test your very own bridge for free. If the design fails the test, then rebuild using another method.

Speaking of failure, it will not be uncommon that your design does fail! Trust me, I have played these bridge builder games numerous times and failed numerous times. That drove me crazy because I am an engineer and I thought bridge building games would be easy! I think what it means is that these bridge building games are just that realistic! So, given that these games can be really tricky, here are some tips:

While most bridges we see today are really fancy, the bridges that used to be built relied heavily on triangles. Triangles are very strong! If you’re still kind of young like me, maybe you remember seeing those old train bridges likethis onethat relied on triangles to carry the load.

Try Googling for pictures of old bridges like the one in the link above. You will see a lot of these old bridges use triangles in their design. Triangles are strong because when one corner of the triangle is pushed down, the other side of it is pulled up (the load is transfered from a small area to a larger area). This push-pull relationship even applies when multiple triangles are connected together so that you can span the gap without having support in the middle of the bridge! Remember to leverage triangles in your design when you are playing these bridge building games!

Pay attention to your construction techniques. When you are building do not “scab” pieces on that do not have any support. These will make a weak link in your bridge. Some of the games also allow you to use steel or wood in the design. Use steel when you think the bridge is going to be weak in a spot. Do not use too much steal because it is very expensive!Some of the online bridge building games seem hard to play at first. That shouldn’t be a discouraging thing! Just keep in mind that the designers of these bridge building games were trying to make things easy. If the control to make the bridge piece does not go away just drag the mouse until the bridge part you are about to make goes away and then left click the mouse button. Then, go to where you want to stay making the bridge and right click to start making bridge pieces again. This one that me stumped for awhile at first, too…Do not get frustrated and give up! I know these are really hard sometimes. But once you finally “get it” these bridge building games will keep you entertained for hours. The online bridge building games really give you a sense of satisfaction every time you meet the challenge presented to you in that game!

Have fun playing these online bridge building games! And do not forget to use what I told you about so that you can beat every single one of the free bridge building games!