Different Game Categories and Genres

Surely you have heard about the majority, but you probably did not know that your favorite games are part of a sub genre of these principals, so let’s start:


This genre is characterized in that it puts the player to experience obstacles to overcome. For this, he will require the use of his skills of speed, reflexes, precision, and reaction time. In this broad genre, we have popular fighting games, shooting, arcades, platforms, subdivisions, etc.

You remember those games wherein a cooperative you made your way to blows, like the Simpsons classic or the Ninja Turtles, for the outcome of a story. They form this type of sub-genre, which is based on a series of progression breaking through enemies and levels, as well as bosses, using your punches. It is also known as Brawler.


Surely you have heard many times people use this term without concise meaning, and you wonder what they mean? It is very simple; arcade as such is a word that was used to name recreational machines (Anglo-Saxon term), but, over time, it became a sub genre that determines games that have simplicity, are repetitive, and fast-acting.

Not to confuse that many of the aforementioned of Fight or Beat ’em up are called arcade by the sub genre, they were considered arcade in their time by the platform to which they were subject. The same example goes that many fighting games are not repetitive or straightforward to play.


Another one that you surely thought was the primary genre, but in reality, it is a subgenre of action. As the name implies, you use a character in several scenarios avoiding obstacles, controlling falls, jumping, balance. Usually, the player’s mission is to finish the stages and levels, not to kill the enemies directly.

They will ask themselves, then, what about those who can attack freely or those who can’t? The developers in their eagerness to create new works, incurred to combine genres being those that attack action platforms and those that avoid platform-adventure attacks.

Thanks to mobiles and 3D modernization, a sub-division of Platforms games has been created, known as infinite run or infinite career; Now, they know what genre Super Mario Run, Temple Run, Stampede Run belongs to, among others.

Shooters (Shooting Games)

Shooting games are another trendy sub-genre today where, in summary, the character uses weapons continuously to make way for each level. In general, its script and plot have no relevance since it is not the specific objective of the sub-genre, which is why games like Counter-Strike, Overwatch, Quake 3 Arena have no campaign or is of zero quality since it is a competitive game par excellence, however, the casual gamer has become accustomed to having one to leave them satisfied with triple-A blockbusters.


One of the most popular and ancient genres that are based on a simple fact: explore through texts or images. Over time, it was added features such as solving puzzles, direct advance, interaction with NPC, or characters so that the game was immersed. Before the resolution improves and evolves the industry, the adventures were textual that stands out as a sub genre, although we will not mention it.


This genre is characterized by manipulating the environment, numerous characters, cards, objects, data, making use of creativity, intelligence, and tactics for planning for specific objectives. Most are involved in a war theme, but there are also those based on social, economic, and emotional issues. Among the most popular and well-known sub genres are a turn-based and real-time strategy.

Real-Time Strategy (RTS)

All action occurs without pauses, so time, planning, and strategy must be accurate for victory. These types of games were originated in the PC and are characterized by building buildings, obtaining resources, increasing technology, and producing units. However, they have adapted very well to certain games of this type such as Halo Wars, Pikmin, LOTR Battle for Middle Earth 2.

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA)

MOBA is a prevalent sub-genre division thanks to the impressive profits they generate as an official sport. They are also known as action real-time strategy or ARTS” (real-time action strategy ); The goal is to destroy the enemy base where AI enemies occur through roads that divide each team. Players have different abilities with which, when making the team or individual combinations, they break through until they can destroy the enemy team. You don’t build any buildings or units.

This sub genre became famous thanks to games as well known today as League of Legends, DOTA, Smite, Heroes of the Storm, Guardians of Middle Earth.

Turn-Based Strategy (TBS)

As the name implies, this sub genre allows you to analyze and perform a series of actions for a certain period until you decide to finish it, so that later the opponent can perform his movements with the same rules. It is possible to find games that are not entirely turn-based and mix a bit with real-time strategy, and however since their essence is preserved, they fall into this category.

War-Game and Grand Strategy Games

It is a small division of turn-based or real-time strategy that is only justified by the battle between nations with the mix between artillery game, strategy by tactics, and unit management.